About Dee eM Bee

I am Devanshu Mohan Bhatnagar I love blogging and writing. I am Internet Marketer by profession.

Why I am not a Brand on Web

I am having account on nearly every website that is most used by internet marketers. But while creating my first account I don't know what is branding and what are its main benefits, apart from these when I was creating my account and vanity url I found that I can't use "devanshu" as it was already occupied so I started creating accounts with other usernames resulting in different vanity urls and finally I am unable to evolve as brand.

What Interests Me

  • I love to make friends from different origin
  • Visiting different websites
  • Social Media
  • I was Twitter Addict in early 2009 and now I love Facebook and Youtube
  • Love read my subscriptions in Google Reader

Where you can Find Me on Web

If you are totally dependent on Google Search Go Search out for my full name or seodmb If you did like to search on Twitter Search look out for devanshu7

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