Monday, February 2, 2009

Google Earth's Newer Version - Google Earth 5.0

Friends this post is for Techno freaks and Google lovers here comes the latest version of Google Earth which is made much better than previous one. The feature which google has added to it are:

  • Oceans
  • Historical Imagery
  • Touring
  • 3D Mars
  • Person who know about previous version Google Earth 4.3 and the newer version is Google Earth 5.0


    Google Earth has ocean feature previously but now you can observe the ocean bed more accurately with 3-Dimensional Effects with the help a large number of team Ocean scientists and advocates they have created to facilitate there users.

    Historical Imagery

    Upto Now Google earth is showing one image regarding any place not how it was looking in past but now this new feature will show more than one image of place showing with the help of Time Slider. Actually they have introduced this feature as a clock in there panel so that we can shift the time to desired as we need 50 years back or something else.


    This feature is somewhat for guiding someone or telling a story for some destination. Good Feature of google Earth they are working really well.

    3D Mars

    Not Earth you can access now Mars from your PC. With the help of NASA scientist they have developed a feature to view the Red Planet just by click away.With great features of High Resolution Images.

    At last I am heartly thanking to GOOGLE for such a beautiful features for us and vital information.I have got this vital information from

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