Sunday, June 14, 2009

Change is Better for Good and Happier Life

So much changes are going on these days, ahhh changes take place every time but its good when you start noticing them. So what changes are am talking about here are few given below:

  • Change in Job:
  • I have changed my job 20 days back, tired of working on single travel portal, work environment and off course money I was getting out there. Now it seems that I am happy in new environment and work culture, bigger opportunities and much work load out here. Far from friends and family, but still happy because “if you want to get something, you have to lose something” that are some terms and conditions that DeeCompany is following. So I am happy and thankful to God.

  • Social Participation on Web:
  • Yeah people are following each other on Twitter, you can also follow dmb on Twitter too get in touch with latest updates on web with news, gadgets and technology. Twitter is on hype, large number of people are joining and following each other. And Facebook it is rocking again and again people and also me are addicted to it, yesterday it has changed and requested people to place his/her names with facebook in URL her you can see mine good feature, you can get rocking, with your name or business name in URL with Google is going to launch Google Wave a new tool for communication and collaboration with each other on web. All you are also aware of Google Friend Connect, for bloggers and site owners who used people to follow to their blog can join them on GFC I am also going to implement this on my blog once I will be free and get number of visitors on my blog, so that I am going in right direction.

    Everything is changing if we observe around Cricket is changed to T20 now people are more addicted to it. Government is changed, economy is changing. So don’t worry keep following your heart and soul with this changing world.

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